Yogurt sales in the United States skyrocket to $ 893 million in 2016


Yogurt sales have maintained a healthy pace as more consumers jump on the healthier bandwagon, however, new data from Mintel shows sales of yogurt drinks increased 62% between 2011 and 2016 to reach $ 893 million. According to the report “Yogurt and Yogurt Drinks – US – August 2016”, sales of drinkable yogurt are expected to increase by 11% in 2016, making it the second consecutive year of double-digit gains.

It is important to note that the spoon yogurt segment continues to account for the majority of industry sales. Valued at $ 8.2 billion in 2016, scoop yogurt accounts for 90% of all yogurt and yogurt drink sales and is expected to continue to grow steadily to reach $ 10 billion by 2021.

In terms of overall sales, the yogurt and yogurt drink market is expected to grow 3% in 2016 to reach $ 9.1 billion, with total sales expected to reach $ 11.4 billion in 2021. Today , about 66 percent of American adults buy spoonful yogurt, while 30 percent buy yogurt drinks.

“As the boom times ushered in by novelty Greek yogurt fade away, the practical health appeal of the yogurt category and the recent expansion in flavors and formats are helping to maintain interest and participation in the market. Yogurt drinks are becoming more and more popular among US consumers, and as the adoption of the yogurt drink segment grows, so does innovation. This is one of the few restaurant spaces where launch activity sees brand new products outperforming simple variations in shape, ”said Beth Bloom, senior analyst, US Food & Drink at Mintel.

When it comes to eating occasions, 93% of yogurt / yogurt drink consumers eat it for breakfast, but the market appears to be gaining traction in the snack business. In fact, 93% of yogurt / yogurt drink users report consuming these products as a snack. Mintel research reveals that more consumers choose yogurt as a snack today than in previous years, as 84% ​​choose yogurt as a morning or afternoon snack, compared with 37% who chose it as a snack in the morning or afternoon. morning and 41% who snacked in the afternoon in 2014..

“A growing acceptance of yogurt as a snack creates a huge opportunity for the market given the importance of snacks in American diets. As a result, we see product innovation expanding to include formats that suit non-breakfast occasions, including tasty and filling varieties, ”Bloom said.

Wellness is a major driver for many yogurt consumers in the United States, with 43 percent purchasing yogurt for digestive health. Meanwhile, 23 percent of consumers buy yogurt for weight loss, and calcium ticks the box for 43 percent of female yogurt consumers, compared to 37 percent of all female consumers. Interestingly, the data indicates that high fat options are popular among Millennials, as they are the most likely (22%) to buy whole yogurt / yogurt drinks (vs. 16% overall).

Fat-containing varieties are seeing strong sales growth in natural channels, while fat-free options are struggling, indicating a growing acceptance of fat in foods. As consumers seem increasingly interested in the functional benefits of their foods and drinks, communicating how yogurt and yogurt drinks can contribute to these health needs will be one way to stand out from the crowd.


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