Yili Group Launches Region’s Largest Ice Cream Production Base in Indonesia

Yili Group’s first self-build plant in Southeast Asia is commissioned, forming a “double center” in Indonesia and Thailand

  • Yili Group strengthens its presence in Southeast Asian markets by launching its first self-built factory in the region.
  • Equipped with cutting-edge technology, green operations and deep involvement with the local community, the project aims to accelerate the manufacturing and innovation of dairy products to better serve Indonesian consumers.

BEKASI CITY, Indonesia, Dec. 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Asia’s leading dairy producer Yili Group held an opening ceremony to celebrate the official launch of the first phase of Yili dairy production base in Indonesia. Upon completion of its second phase, the production base will become the largest ice cream factory in the country with a daily production capacity of four million ice cream products.

The state-of-the-art facility was created due to the growing popularity of Joyday Ice Cream, a brand that quickly expanded its reach to 260 local cities in 26 provinces, spanning almost all of Indonesia, since entering the market in 2018.

“The clear preference and confidence of local consumers in our products has strengthened Yili’s confidence in our investment and long-term development in Indonesia,” said Pan Gang, president and chairman of Yili Group, in a virtual speech at the event. of the ceremony. “Yili is always committed to following the highest standards to promote quality, long-term sustainability and establish localized operations that benefit the communities where we operate. This ensures that we can better serve local consumers and bring a profound contribution to socio-economic development throughout the region. ”

Responding to local needs while leveraging the global resources brought together by Yili Group, the Indonesia-based hub aims to accelerate Joyday’s product manufacturing, R&D and marketing efforts, with more new products to come, in order to bring more unique consumer services and experiences. to local customers.

An innovative, green and open factory

As Yili’s first self-built factory in Southeast Asia, Yili Indonesia Dairy has adopted advanced technology and equipment, including Internet of Things and big data analytics, to build an innovative and smart factory. . The production base integrates advanced digital technologies throughout its production chain. Robotic solutions are introduced to provide automated packaging, palletizing and warehousing.

Construction of infrastructure and buildings was undertaken in strict compliance with the Yili Group’s global quality management standards. To date, the factory has already passed ISO22000, HALAL and BPOM certifications and has been rated A by LPPOM MUI, the largest food and medicine certification agency in Indonesia.

As part of its efforts to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly production facility, Yili Indonesia Dairy has built a wastewater treatment system with a daily treatment capacity of 2,800 tons. The collected water is then used for irrigation of the plants in the plant.

To ensure high levels of visibility and transparency, the site will be open to the public whenever the factory is in full operation, and consumers will be able to follow the entire production process as it unfolds. .

Ready to grow with local partners

While deepening its presence in global markets, Yili follows the principle of “global mindsets and local operations”, with an emphasis on building highly localized factories that benefit local communities.

Today, Yili Indonesia Dairy has a total of 383 employees, with local employees accounting for 95% of the workforce. The project is expected to create more than 5,000 new jobs for local communities, directly and indirectly.

Yili Indonesia Dairy is also actively seeking new opportunities for cooperation with local partners. To date, the company has already established cooperative relationship with more than 90 suppliers in Indonesia. In the future, its partnerships will extend to local distributors with 200,000 points of sale. Yili is also dedicated to promoting the top rated Indonesian flavors to global consumers through its global marketing channels.

Yili Creation of double centers in South-East Asia

Another key pillar for Yili’s development in the Indonesian and broader Southeast Asian markets is the completion of Yili Indonesia Dairy. Together with the ice cream production base of the Thailand-based company, the “Southeast Asia Dual Centers” and the Yili Southeast Asia Innovation Center have taken shape and are expected to accelerate. product manufacturing and R&D in the region.

As a platform designed to facilitate innovation cooperation with universities and R&D institutes in the region, the Yili Innovation Center in Southeast Asia will also work closely with international centers. innovation from Yili spread across China, Japan, Europe and Oceania, with the aim of deploying more localized innovation solutions carefully designed to meet the needs of consumers.

In pursuit of building a “global health ecosystem”, Yili Group is committed to reaching markets where consumer demands for quality dairy products have not yet been met. As an important base facilitating Yili’s engagement in global markets, Yili Indonesia Dairy will coordinate and share resources with other Yili Group subsidiaries to serve consumers with world-class products and share its business success with its partners. .

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