White Rabbit ‘Peanuts Nougat’ ice cream available at FairPrice for $12.50 a box of 5

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By GDS editorial team to March 26, 2022 at 12:12 p.m.

New Peanut Nougat Flavored White Rabbit Ice Cream Now Available at FairPrice

Looking for new frozen treats on your next grocery run? You might want to buy this creamy treat if you’re a fan of White Rabbit Candy.

White Rabbit Peanut Nougat Ice Cream

That’s right – you can now find the new White Rabbit Peanuts Nougat ice cream at FairPrice supermarkets, Xpress and Cheers convenience stores for $12.50 per box of 5 pieces.

The new Peanut Nougat Ice Cream is a genuine new product from White Rabbit and features the classic taste of sweet milk, frozen peanuts and nougat.

It is made by Guang Ming Dairythe public candy manufacturer White Rabbit from Shanghai, China.

Photo: Good Plans Singapore

Each stick of ice cream is individually wrapped in an easy-to-tear paper wrapper so it retains its freshness.

Photo: Good Plans Singapore

The ice has a slightly beige color tone to this – probably because of the peanut ingredient added to it.

Photo: Good Plans Singapore

The ice cream has a chewy texture and a creamy taste, not too sweet and big chunks of peanuts infused in it.

Photo: Good Plans Singapore

A perfect treat for White Rabbit candy lovers, rain or shine.

Here is the list of ingredients in case you are sensitive to certain food additives.

Photo: Good Plans Singapore

For those who can’t take peanuts, the original White Rabbit ice cream is also available.

Authentic White Rabbit Ice Cream is now available at S’pore FairPrice outlets for $12 a box of 5

Only while stocks last.

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