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Ice Cream Month is finally here! Sometimes it feels like the sun is baking our cities like bread. Every now and then we need and deserve a nice cone or bowl of ice cream to keep us refreshed while filling us up. But ice cream has never been associated with the vegan diet.

First off, let’s focus on ice cream! It is an excellent source of calcium which is a key ingredient in weight loss. Inside the treat are vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and A, riboflavin, and phosphorus. Have you tried dark chocolate ice cream? It contains flavonoids to protect your heart. Ice cream has been shown to stimulate the brain, give you energy, strengthen your bones, strengthen your immune system, and even make you happy.

Experts have discovered that vegans shouldn’t be left out! With these collections of heatwaves, everyone is going to want to enjoy this treat and Baskin Robbins’ the menu makes that happen. They are just as obsessed with oak milk as we are. They bring the new vegan ice cream to 2,500 places!

‘Baskin Robbins’

As one of the largest chains of its kind in the world, it has spawned 2,500 stores across the country. They started out with just thirty-one flavors. Now they are home to deliver 1,300 with the young addition of the vegan option.

This is a new, dairy-free, salty fudge bar flavor made with a base of creamy salty dark chocolate oak milk swirled with smooth fudge ribbons and sprinkled with chunks of fudge. Have you just thought about the texture of chocolate and oatmeal cookies? And fudge ribbons are by far the most stylish piece of clothing ice cream can wear.

For full disclosure, of course, the flavor does not contain any animal products, but Baskin robbins cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contact between products or ingredients.

Oat milk

The brand says, “Every bite of this rich flavor packs a punch indulgence with a melt-in-the-mouth creaminess of oat milk base that makes it the best thing since ice cream.” Their experts have worked diligently to create an oat milk base with a richly smooth and creamy consistency. “The result is a perfect balance of elements that offers a taste experience Baskin robbins“Guest likes and waits.”

Baskin robbins chose non-dairy oat milk-based strawberry streusel as the flavor of the month for May. It is the first national chain to offer vegan ice cream made from oat milk on its menu. Strawberry is made with a base of creamy oak milk sprinkled with strawberries, crumbly streusel and cinnamon granola. This was only the first of the oat milk flavors to be introduced this year.

Baskin Robbins’ Vice President of Marketing and Cooking Shannon Blakely said: “We are so passionate about this new base and the flavor of the month because it is not just an evolution of our offerings, but a sign of our passion. and our commitment to creating what will follow ”in frozen desserts.

The company launched its first vegan flavor in August 2019. They made it using almond butter and coconut oil, which you can also get in chocolate chip cookie dough and flavors. chocolate extremes. The Flavor of the Month for November 2019 was Vegan Coffee Caramel Chunk, featuring an espresso flavored base sprinkled with chunks of chocolate and cute caramel ribbons. All ribbons are stylish for ice cream.

In March, they launched their all-vegan Mangonada. It is a spicy drink representing the Mexican favorite made from mango puree, spiced with Tajín. Now, more and more national chains are adding oat milk to their menus. You can find vegan options at Dunkin Donuts. Starbucks will also offer us oat milk options!


What do you think of the expansion Baskin robbins menu? Can you still think of any flavors they haven’t added? Drop them in the comments!

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