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But that still leaves the UK’s new monarch six days to eat as much milk, cheese and yoghurt as he wants. So what sort of dairy would suit the new king?

As for mults, luxury lines include Waitrose No.1 Reblochon De Savoie AOP (£10.60 / 450g), or the Haute Fromagerie Cheese Selection Pack at Sainsbury’s (£9.15 / 400g) or for that matter, Lurpak Spreadable in the likes of, among others, Morrisons (£7.49/750g) [Assosia 12 September 2022].

While these sorts of prices bring tears to the eyes of time-pressed shoppers (see p37 and p63), they pale in comparison to the genuine luxury dairy products available from specialist suppliers and retailers across the UK.

Pecorino Moliterno with black truffle, on sale at Artisan Italian, costs £190 for a 5.5kg wheel. This is the equivalent of £34.55/kg.

It’s a bit compared to the Artisan Food Company Salted Flechard Butter. A 250g roll costs £100.51 – or £402/kg.

For fancy milk, there’s Combe Hay Mares Milk. Produced at Cromwell Farm, Somerset, it’s mare’s milk which is “naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and micronutrients”, he says. “It’s also low in fat and easier to digest than cow’s milk.” Horse milk is also “gentle for digestion and can help reduce symptoms such as bloating, indigestion and constipation”.

A 250ml bottle costs £6.50 (or £26 a litre), making it 42 times more expensive than pasteurized cow’s milk. Wales Online last year called it “the most expensive milk in the world”. Other websites give this title to Nakazawa cow’s milk from Japan, although at today’s exchange rate it costs slightly less (£25.64 a litre).

Milk is taken once a week at dawn, when melatonin is at its peak in cows, the brand says. The hormone is thought to help reduce anxiety and some forms of depression.

And the ice cream? In 2017 Selfridges launched the £99, a hard-hitting play on the 99. If you want real luxury these days, there’s the Black Diamond, at $800/scoop, but you’ll have to fly to Dubai .

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