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September 13, 2022

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A particularly sweet collaboration began when the Stensland family went to dinner in Sioux Falls.

As the owners of Stensland Family Farms dined at Morrie’s Steakhouse, Minervas and Grille 26, “we built a relationship with them in the restaurants and started exploring what we could do with their produce,” said Joshua Jackson, manager. Culinary Vanguard Hospitality.

The Stenslands built their family business in Iowa for seven generations; four work in the company today. The focus is on vertical integration, explained Jason Stensland – “growing the crops, running it through the cows, and then we take the milk produced by those cows and we run it through the processing plant and make different products”.

You may have purchased the family’s milk, cheese, cheese curds, or ice cream at local grocery stores.

But you’re also dining on them more and more at Vanguard restaurants, where they’re used in everything from cheese at the Minervas salad bar and milk and half in several dishes to signature ice cream and sorbets.

The farm and restaurants are only about 10 miles apart, and the relationship “supports building resilience in our community by joining hands and working together,” said Tim Meagher, director of Vanguard’s operations. “It makes coming to work every day more meaningful.”

It also ensures the sustainability of farms like Stensland Family Farms for many generations.

“The future for us as a family has been to be able to offer a unique product and partner with local partners,” Doug Stensland said.

Come with us to take a closer look at how it works:

Stensland Family Farms is one of multiple relationships Vanguard Hospitality has established with local partners. For details, see below.

Farm-to-table, new additions to Morrie’s menu elevate local producers

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