Tried the best vegan ice cream in London and you can have it delivered anywhere in the UK

I love ice cream and those Instagram videos that are often referred to as “food porn”.

One day as I was flipping through the gram I saw a video of a hot chocolate with a marshmallow top that looked amazing.

As I’m sure many of you have, I’ve been down a bit of a spiral. And I quickly discovered Chin Chin.

Chin Chin is a wonderful London based ice cream shop so the last time I was in the city I absolutely had to try it.

I rolled with my suitcase and was ready to finally try the vegan cookie dough and ice cream I had been dreaming of.

Chin Chin is my favorite vegan ice cream

It was a very small store, with only two other customers than me when I entered. But from everything I had seen online it was definitely a place worth trying.

So I walked over to the counter and ordered a toasted cookie dough with vegan praline ice cream.

It was amazing, the type of food that I just inhaled absolutely without getting any air.

Looking at my empty little dish, I couldn’t help but be disappointed to come home.

So I was absolutely thrilled to find out that you can actually place an order and have this exact cookie dough and ice cream at home.

They even have their amazing hot chocolate starter and marshmallow that caught my eye at first.

Ice cream is delivered on Fridays all over the country except Northern Ireland and the Highlands and arrives with dry ice, so you need to handle it with care.

But with more than two spoons in each tub, I felt like I was back in Chin Chin in the comfort of my own home.

Chin chin
There is a clear guide on how to do it at home

There are more flavors available when you order online, with the vegan range there is my favorite Salty Hazelnut Praline, Pandan (which is also gluten free) and Banana Milk.

But there are also dairy options, some featuring eggs and dairy and others without an egg. The flavors are truly impressive, although some may seem unusual, they are definitely worth a try.

Currently on the menu are burnt butterscotch, tonka bean, Valrhona chocolate, coffee and olive oil, purple popcorn, mozzarella cherry swirl and butter pie. of Apple.

The Critics Club

Jada Jones is one of the Review Club’s expert reviewers.

The Reviews Club brings together the UK’s top experts to honestly and thoroughly review products and services.

She specializes in books, food (except dairy – so she knows a lot about the best vegan alternatives), drinks, and housewares.

You can find it on @JadaJonesTweets where she’s likely to eagerly chirp about a book she’s read and is often up for a discussion of one of her reviews.

As you can see from my taste test video, I absolutely loved this range (and I’ll probably be ordering all winter long for cozy movie nights).

Have you tried out Chin Chin? Or do you think you know the best ice cream on the market?

Let us know about @TheReviews_Club on Twitter.

In the meantime, I’ll be snacking on what is arguably the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever tried.

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