Things That Shouldn’t Be But Do – Pizza Flavored Ice Cream

Frequent Nerdbot readers know we’ve covered a lot of weird foods. Just a few months ago, we were telling you about pickle-flavored cotton candy. Of course, there was last year’s Fruit Loops flavored milk, not so odd. What’s on the menu today? Well, as you probably gathered from the title. The one item we’re sure everyone’s always wanted but were too scared to ask for – Van Leeuwen’s pizza flavored ice cream.

How exactly is pizza flavored ice cream made? Well, in this case, thanks to the combination of mozzarella and cream cheese, basil crust biscuits and tomato jam. Before you get put off by all of this, remember that tomatoes are technically a fruit and a tomato jam is likely to be so sweet it would just taste more like sweet jelly than tomato. . Also, mozzarella being a cheese, is naturally dairy based, so it would probably mix well with the rest of the mix.

The product is available for purchase through Walmart, but it’s worth mentioning that so far the reviews have been abysmal. (There are only three reviews at the time, but they average 1.3 stars out of 5.) The main complaint, oddly enough, is that the ice cream doesn’t quite taste like pizza. Another site reports the same thing. According to them, the cream cheese outshines any hint of mozzarella, as does the French vanilla ice cream base.

When tomato jam was brought up, it was considered negligible or just potent enough to know what it was, but sweet enough to tone down the fact that it was tomato. Similarly, pieces of basil crust were said to lack flavor or were simply sweet and mushy. It’s almost as if in order to make the pizza ice cream work, they have to remove the taste from the pizza ingredients. You could say this suggests that pizza ingredients might not work well in ice cream.

This, however, is only based on four reviewers, and to be fair, reviewer from The Impulsive Buy website gave it a 7 out of 10. Still, they agreed that it didn’t quite taste like that. pizza. That being the case, the novelty factor is still there if you want to try it out. It also seems more palatable than pickle-flavored cotton candy, and we guess if it’s no good at all, you can just wash it down with that Fruit Loop milk and a healthy dose of metformin.

The brand also offers a Kraft Mac and Cheese ice cream available exclusively through Walmart.

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