These incredible dairy products have nothing on lactose intolerance

My love for dairy products is unstoppable. Ice cream, mac and cheese, pizza, and mozzarella sticks are just a few of my favorite dairy products and the reasons I could never go vegan. Dairy products are just too good to give up – sorry, cows. And I don’t care how much you try to convince me, dairy-free products just aren’t the same.

Over the years, I developed a condition that restricted my relationship with dairy products. I am no longer able to enjoy the delights and delights of dairy products without my body hating me. Lactose intolerance is such an unfortunate condition and I wish I didn’t have it, but like many others, it didn’t stop me from eating all my favorite dairy products – the ice cream is definitely worth the hours bloating and constant trips to the toilet.

My body lacks lactase to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk. This results in bloating, abdominal cramps and diarrhea which I experience after consuming many dairy products. However, some dairy products contain small amounts of lactose, so when I eat them, my body doesn’t hate me. Here are some of the legend-dairy products that you are still able to consume without feeling bad afterwards.


I love cheese. Pizza, quesadillas and mozzarella sticks are what I live for. Some cheeses are less concentrated in lactose than others. Cheeses like Muenster, Camembert and Brie contain less than 2% lactose, and Cheddar, Gouda and blue cheese contain less than 3%. Because these cheeses contain small traces of lactose, most people with lactose intolerance can eat them without feeling bad afterwards. It is grid to be able to eat cheese again.


Although I can’t tell the difference when I use vegan butter instead of regular butter to make cookies, vegan butter is considerably more expensive and as a college student who loves to cook, I just can’t help myself. allow it. Fortunately, butter is a product rich in fat with traces of lactose. So cook!

Greek yogurt with probiotics

Yogurt with granola and fruit is one of my favorite things to eat in the morning. It’s incredibly easy to put together and so delicious to devour. Unlike regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is more strained, so it contains less lactose. And the probiotics in yogurt are healthy bacteria that digest and break down some of the remaining lactose for you through fermentation! (Thanks Nutrisci 103.)


Quark is a low-calorie, low-fat dairy product and contains small amounts of lactose. It can be used to make smoothies, cheesecakes, overnight oats or even a smear on your favorite crackers or toast. It is a universal dairy product!

Although these dairy products contain small traces of lactose, they will not completely prevent the consequences of their consumption. You should still consume these products with caution and only in small quantities!

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