The Ultimate Ice Cream Brands, Ranked

At $3.97 at the time of this writing, Friendly’s is practically a bargain. There is a reason for this, however. Friendly’s ingredient list includes all the usual things you might not want in your ice cream: corn syrup, thickeners, colorings, and more. We’re still confident in saying Friendly’s ice isn’t the worst you can do, but also still solidly in the bottom half of our rankings.

The Friendly company prides itself on using “high quality local ingredients”. That may be true, but we don’t know if corn syrup is really in the spirit of “local produce”. Friendly’s may use local, high quality dairy products, but with all the additives, a lot of that quality is lost. The company also proudly states that it uses part of the founder’s original recipe, which seems to be true: you can’t make ice cream without cream or milk.

However, not everything is negative. Friendly’s ice cream is perfectly usable. Friendly’s offers a huge range of flavors, some of which are static, but many of which come seasonally. Just for the price and selection they shouldn’t be entirely overlooked in the mirror aisle.

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