The Mysterious Origins of Michigan’s Superman Ice Cream Flavor

There is some doubt about the origins of Superman ice cream. However, popular tradition links the making of ice cream to Prohibition. When people could no longer enjoy beer, breweries had to make something else. As Atlas Obscura reports, Stroh’s Brewery in Detroit is credited with compiling the Frankenstein ice cream flavor. Incidentally, there’s no immediate connection between Superman ice cream and the superhero, as Insanely Good Recipes notes that ice cream predated comic books by about a decade. However, the colors of the two are so similar that the name could have been retrospectively applied to ice cream.

Admittedly, this mystery doesn’t have the same crude appeal as the possibility that ice cream is flavored with beaver gland secretions. However, a Michigan brewery’s instinctive claim as the inventor of the flavor makes a little more sense. In any case, as The Detroit Free Press writes, the state worships flavor with superhuman ardor. Locals may agree with MLive and bristle at the idea that Wisconsin invented Blue Moon ice cream, but at the very least they can accurately say that they incorporated the flavor into something distinctly Michigander.

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