The ice cream business is getting better and better


Stephen Gibson and his father Nevin raise 100 Holstein-Friesian dairy cows. In 2018, Stephen and his wife Amanda started a new ice cream business using milk produced from their already successful dairy herd.

The couple had no previous experience or knowledge of ice cream making and its processing technology, but they shared an ambition to produce their own ice cream products using their high quality milk from Hollowbridge Farm.

Stephen and Amanda wanted to source flavors, inclusions and ripples from local suppliers in Northern Ireland that would complement their product. Since completing their development work, Hollowbridge Farm has been providing their ice cream locally, including a ‘Drive Through’ service during the lockdown which has proven to be very popular.

The family has been a long-standing member of UFU for many years. One piece of advice they would give to other farmers would be to join their local UFU group.

The Lagan Group and the neighboring South West Down Group plan to meet in person in December with a joint Christmas breakfast on December 7.

For more details and to reserve your place, please contact the group secretariat on 02892662850/02840625444.

Both groups look forward to holding their AGM in February 2022. We would also like to encourage members to attend the County Presidents Tour in January.


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