Sweet and Spicy: More Spicy Dairy Coming in 2019

Diving brief:

  • Hot and spicy flavors are innovating in dairy products, ice creams, yoghurts and flavored milks increasingly offering an exotic combination of sweet and spicy, according to Food Business News.

  • The creamy texture of milk fat and the sweetness of lactose make dairy products “an ideal delivery vehicle” for spicy flavors and can help reduce the sensation of heat from the capsaicin in most peppers, reported the site.

  • “Spicy yogurts are common in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, while hot cheeses are popular in Central and South America. These traditional dishes often inspire young chefs and consumers to look beyond yogurt and cheese , which is why we’re starting to see spices appear in ice cream and milk drinks,” Jill Puckett, market development specialist for Kalsec, told Food Business News.

Overview of the dive:

Growing consumer interest in hot and spicy foods is heating dairy shelves, and we can expect spicier additions to ice cream, yogurt and flavored milk in the future as the category grows. will develop.

Millennials are particularly fond of spicy foods and drinks, and some baby boomers appreciate a little extra heat to revive their fading taste buds. A A Mintel study found that 80% of millennials are interested in more spices peppers and chillies in their food.

General consumer interest in more exotic flavors from other countries is another factor driving the trend. According to Statistaethnic food retail sales are expected to grow from $10.9 million in 2013 to approximately $12.5 million last year. Future Market Insights projects it’spicky dairy products will experience a compound annual growth rate of 6.2% between 2016 and 2026.

Connecticut-based Escape Brands’ Hot Scream has found success with its line of spiced ice creams. Chobani launched low-fat yogurt in Sriracha-mango and chipotle-pineapple flavors. Candy also saw some spicy additions. Mars recently released a Spicy Snickers bar in China using Sichuan pepper, which is a popular spice in this country.

McCormick also benefited from this growing interest in new and spicy flavors. Its 2017 purchase of Reckitt Benckiser’s food division for $4.2 billion added French’s Mustard and Frank’s RedHot brands to the flavor powerhouse’s portfolio. Consumers may see some dairy innovations featuring these products if the hot-sweet trend continues.

One issue manufacturers need to be careful of, the business journal notes, is making sure their dairy products are well blended with added spices. Otherwise, there could be unexpected hot spots to surprise the unwary consumer. However, some more adventurous consumers may find the experience of eating certain products – spicy ice cream being a good example – much more interesting as a result.

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