SVZ is developing a neutral base range to enhance dairy products with natural ingredients

The Dutch company responded by adding a range of new products to its portfolio.

Consumer awareness of health and the impact of what they eat and drink on it has been boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This awareness related to nutrition, health and wellness has opened up new opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to develop healthy and sustainable foods.

As a result, SVZ said, consumers are turning to vitamins, proteins and antioxidants to protect their health.

The Dutch company, which has a portfolio of natural and sustainably sourced fruit and vegetable ingredients, said it had recently introduced golden kiwifruit to its range. With a tropical sweet taste described as a blend of mango and strawberry, golden kiwifruit is a source of vitamin E and SVZ said it has many nutritional benefits, helping to boost consumers’ immune systems and maintain skin and healthy eyes.

Many dairy manufacturers are looking for a natural, functional basis for the development of their new products – one that does not impact the desired color or taste. This has led SVZ to develop a new neutral base line for food and beverage manufacturers looking for a neutral color ingredient.

Available in both white carrot and white pumpkin flavors, these plant-based ingredients not only help manufacturers manage the final color of applications, but also their low sugar content compared to fruit allows NPD teams to boost the “healthy halo.” Of their products, while adding additional nutrients and vitamins.

There is a growing awareness of the health benchmarks of fermented ingredients when used in foods with beneficial effects on digestive health, and SVZ has introduced a new portfolio of fermented beetroot and carrot ingredients, which undergo a natural fermentation process – providing clean acidification, while allowing for a smooth, long-lasting taste that is less sour and acidic compared to citric acid.

The fermentation process also naturally lowers the pH through the use of lactic acid bacteria – which exhibit antimicrobial activity against various spoilage microorganisms – so that the shelf life of the product is extended. Available as both NFC juice and juice concentrate, the fermented ingredients can be used in drinks, ice cream and yogurt – and are suitable for manufacturers looking to strengthen the health and sustainability credentials of their products.

SVZ said it is also seeing demand for fruits rich in anthocyanins – a range of antioxidants that have been linked to a wide variety of health claims, including increased longevity.1, cardiovascular health2, cancer prevention3 and dementia4. These antioxidants are typically found in purple fruits, such as elderberry, blueberry, and black currant.

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