Storm Darcy: Scottish ‘superwoman’ awarded one year of free dairy after single-handedly spotting a milk truck on a snowy hill

The video, which was posted to the Fife Jammer Locations Facebook page, was filmed from above by a local resident as mum-of-three Charlene hopefully offered a helping hand to the then massive vehicle. that its wheels were turning in place.

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Charlene said: “A bunch of people were trying to push a car up the hill when I noticed Graham’s truck behind.

Dr Robert Graham Senior, President Graham’s The Family Dairy and Charlene Leslie, the woman who pushed her truck up the snowy hill.

“His front wheels were spinning and he was stuck in all the snow. My neighbor appeared, so I asked her to watch the kids and the dog while I pushed him from behind.

“Finally, he made it to the top safely. “

Charlene was on her way to the local store with two of her children, ten-year-old Rihanna and two-year-old Hunter, along with their husky, Alaska, when she spotted the commotion on the road.

The damaged truck came from just a mile and a half into Glenfield, from Graham’s Dairy and Innovation Hub.

Charlene Leslie tried to push a milk truck up a snowy hill in Fife. Image: Fife Jammers

Charlene added, “I guess what I did was really dangerous, but luckily Graham’s truck climbed the hill safely. At the time, I wasn’t really thinking of myself, I just wanted to help.

“I would never sit idly by when I see someone in trouble.”

Graham’s The Family Dairy applauded Charlene for her efforts and dedication to releasing her products, calling her a “superwoman” after watching the video “amazing”.

Dr Robert Graham Sr., President of Graham’s The Family Dairy said: “When I saw the video of Charlene pushing one of our Arctic trucks up a steep hill on her own, I couldn’t. to believe.

Dr Robert Graham Senior, President Graham’s The Family Dairy and Charlene Leslie, the woman who pushed her truck up the snowy hill.

“As a family we are passionate about our fresh dairy products and like us, she will clearly stop at nothing to ensure they are delivered to our customers.

“Charlene’s intentions were incredibly kind. She not only made our family, farmers and coworkers smile, but clearly captured the hearts of thousands of people around the world who also watched her help others, regardless of her own safety.

Mr Graham added that although she is a “real life superwoman,” for health and safety reasons other people should be advised not to follow her actions.

As a thank you for her efforts, Charlene and her family will receive free milk and “high protein dairy products” for the remainder of the year.

Charlene can’t believe all the attention she has received since the video went viral.

She said, “I just believe it is your duty to help others if they are in trouble.

“It was nice to meet Mr. Graham as I am a huge fan of the family farm brand and their products.

“I really didn’t help get anything in return, but I’m absolutely delighted.”

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