San Marcos chocolate ice cream parlor wins national award

Wynston’s Ice Cream Co. in San Marcos has only been open for a year and a half.

Feeling they still had a lot to learn, store owners Chris and Sarah Wynn submitted their chocolate ice cream for National Ice Cream Retailers Association awards in hopes of getting good feedback.

They ended up winning first prize.

“We were shocked and surprised to get the highest award possible,” said Chris Wynn. “They rate all ice cream, the grade goes to Cornell University where they do a lot of testing and we got the blue ribbon, which is the highest honor. One of four ice cream parlors in the country to earn it.”

Chris Wynn said heavy chocolate R&D went into the final product.

“I have this little notebook where I do all my tests and my recipes,” he said. “The first third of this notebook is just chocolate.”

San Marcos chocolate ice cream is one of the best in the country

The shop also offers other unique flavors and dairy-free and vegan options. Chris Wynn said a flavor he calls “midnight munchies” is his favorite right now.

Here’s how he describes it: “Pretzel-infused ice cream, so it’s got a little salt. We added a swirl of salted caramel, then we took potato chips, Ritz crackers and pretzels and broke them up and coated them. mix them with butter and sugar and mix them with ice cream.”

To celebrate national recognition, Wynston’s will be giving away free scoops of the award-winning chocolate flavor with every purchase on Saturday.

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