Rocky Mountain Creamery will bring homemade ice cream, dozens of flavors to Craig

Rocky Mountain Creamery owners Ben Bothwell and Kristina Meadows pose for a photo at their soon-to-open store on Yampa Avenue in downtown Craig on Tuesday.
Cuyler Meade/Craig Press

A new business is opening up for Craig, and it promises to be delicious.

Rocky Mountain Creamery, which hopes to open its doors on the far south side of Yampa Avenue to customers in April, is the culmination of the dream of two newcomers to Craig – a dream with a very simple goal.

“I love ice cream,” Kristina Meadows said.

Meadows, who will be the company’s accountant and numbers guru, and Ben Bothwell are driving the new store. Both came to Craig from Cincinnati, Ohio last fall, products of the pandemic and its remote working revolution.

“We haven’t been here long,” Meadows said. “But he’s always loved the mountains, so he brought me here last summer and I fell in love with it, so we moved here. But in Cincinnati, there’s a lot of ice cream — a lot of homemade ice cream — and there’s not as much here. We missed it and wanted it.

Bothwell will make the ice cream – a gallon and a half at a time in a small appliance-sized creamer – and handle the initial operations.

“I make what I call small-batch artisanal ice cream,” he said. “I have a dairy I work with in Colorado Springs, Robinson Dairy, that has the cream/dairy mix I need. I wanted something in Colorado, so we got it. And I talked to places around town about the ingredients.

Bothwell lists over 100 flavors on the store’s website, While the shop will only sell a dozen flavors at a time, they will cycle through the list on a fairly regular basis. Each flavor is special.

Rocky Mountain Creamery hopes to open in the next few weeks in downtown Craig.
Cuyler Meade/Craig Press

“I’ve told people, like Adam at Prodigal Son’s, that I’d like to take some of your ingredients and make an ice cream,” Bothwell said. “We will also do wholesale.”

The idea, Bothwell said, is to make local ice cream localized. Whether it’s working on an ice cream version of JW Snack’s Coconut Cream Pie—Snack owner Danny Griffith owns the Rocky Mountain Creamery building—or talking to the brewery up the street to get the orange syrup they use to make orange cream flavor, Bothwell is open to ideas.

“A big landmark that I love here is Bears Ears,” Bothwell said. “I’m going to use peanut butter ice cream with a chocolate swirl and a crushed Snickers bar. There is also a Poptart cherry flavor. But I do not give my recipes.

As of Tuesday, the company has been waiting about a week for its food license, which can take about 30 days. Some supply issues also slowed things down. But the hope is to open next month.

“We’re constantly excited,” Bothwell said. “I’m just — it’s hard to sleep. I’m up all night looking online for stuff to fill these shelves with. It’s coming soon.”

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