Reasons Why Ice Cream Machines At McDonald’s Break, According To A Pro

Complexity of cleaning and maintenance are major issues for McDonald’s serving machines. Daniel Estrada said one of the reasons the machines fail is a temperature problem. Running too cold or too hot is a big deal for the safety of a dairy product. Estrada also said Taylor’s digital ice cream machines designed for McDonald’s establishments may have issues with the cleaning cycle. If an error code appears, Estrada explained, “it’s usually related to a cleaning cycle that didn’t complete properly.” Soft service machines have to go through a tedious cleaning process that takes hours, involving 11 steps to remove and clean seven separate parts.

According to Estrada, “the old dairy product” that might remain in the machine is removed during the cleaning cycle and “if it does not complete properly or completely, this machine … needs to be looked at and essentially rerun”. This problem could become more complicated if maintenance is neglected. “We find with some equipment that when the cleaning cycles are not performed as regularly as they should be or when there is no preventive maintenance … this can cause problems and lead to more frequent breakdowns of the machine. equipment, ”he said. .

Adding to the mystery, Estrada said: “Operators have never had any ideas about how often things break, how much it costs to fix them, which companies are most qualified to do this job in different parts. from the country.” His company aims to streamline the repair process. “When you’re that size, you often have custom-made equipment made for you that only exists in your restaurants,” Estrada said. “It is very difficult to say where these problems are really coming from.”

Daniel Estrada is the CEO and co-founder of 86 Repairs, a technology platform with a mission to streamline equipment maintenance and improve repairs for restaurateurs, so they can pour ice cream. To learn more and follow 86 repairs, follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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