Planning Commission Recommends New Dean Dairy Ice Cream Study

The Homewood Planning Commission voted to recommend a review of the Dean Dairy ice cream facility in two batches, pending one of those batches being sold to another company.

The 21-acre property, if approved by the entire city council, will be split into two lots, with one lot remaining in the property of the Dean Dairy ice cream facility, where the ice cream will be made. The other batch, which includes the facility where the milk is produced, will be sold to a company that produces tea, which plans to use the facility as is, said Derek Meadows of Gonzalez Strength Associates.

The commission also voted not to recommend the rezoning of 3006 Cook Street from a neighborhood shopping district into attached apartment units for the potential construction of six townhouses.

Owners of neighboring businesses have expressed concern about the parking situation, as the area in question is already extensive in terms of parking, and the proposed development, led by Blackwater Development Company, would lead people to park in the parking lot. of their business, they said.

The commission also approved the resurvey of the lot lines at 1001 and 1003 Oak Grove Road, as well as revisions to the city’s tree ordinance.

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