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Imagine that instead of several installments per month you only have to pay one. What’s more, this one installment is lower than the sum of all the obligations that you have to pay monthly.

Sounds incredible? And yet! This is how credit consolidation works. If the repayment terms of your liabilities have suddenly become unfavorable or your financial situation has worsened and you cannot cope with the repayment of installments, then a consolidation loan may be the solution. However, is it always profitable and is it possible to consolidate loans at the same bank?

You might want to try us for low apr consolidation loans

Consolidation is an intentional commitment that we can allocate only to repay existing liabilities. Thanks to it, we can combine several different liabilities, e.g. cash loan, car loan, housing loan, and even purchases in installments or overdraft and credit card debt.

The bank where you will be granted a consolidation loan repays all liabilities for you and replaces them with one lower installment. And why lower? Because the loan period is maximally extended, thanks to which monthly loan repayment costs are lower than before. And that’s what consolidation is all about to relieve us financially and regulate our financial situation. Paying back one loan is easier than several.

Thanks to low apr consolidation loans, we can simplify home budget management and remember only one loan, not several.

Is consolidation cheaper than paying all liabilities?

Is consolidation cheaper than paying all liabilities?

The fact that monthly consolidation installments are less than several liabilities at the same time, unfortunately, does not mean that it is cheaper. Due to the fact that the financing period is extended and the monthly installments are smaller, the total cost of the loan increases. This means that, as a last resort, consolidation is more expensive than the sum of all the liabilities you have so far.

It might seem that it does not pay, but sometimes it is the only solution to improve your financial situation and reduce the household budget. Lower installments are easier to pay than a few liabilities, which is why consolidation, despite being more expensive, can pay off anyway. If the total cost of credit is not so high and only slightly exceeds the sum of all liabilities, it is worth taking it.

However, if the total cost of a consolidation loan is very high, think twice before signing the loan agreement and look for other offers.

Credit consolidation – what to look for?

Credit consolidation - what to look for?

Before you decide on a specific consolidation offer, you need to pay attention to several things, including on:

– installment amount after consolidation
– consolidation repayment period
– the total cost of credit

If all of these things are beneficial, then consolidation will pay off. Many institutions also offer consolidations with additional cash. Thanks to this, we can not only get rid of several debts and replace them with one installment but also gain additional money. The consolidation of loans at the same bank will also be a good idea.

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