Page’s Ice Cream Shop unveils new treats in time for summer


I Scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. And ice cream is exactly what you’ll get at Page’s on the South Side.

The popular ice cream shop is adding another round of treats to its menu, accompanying its famous Yinzer Sundae, both traditional and dairy-free, and more. They’re called Page’s Pops and come in eight varieties, all named after different employees and the store owner’s niece, Maggie Page-Prusia.

The Shan Wow Pop, named after Page’s creative director, Shannon Blanc, is made with her choice of vanilla ice cream, dipped in chocolate and covered in peanuts. The Perfect Pop is a tribute to employee Alyssa Arabelli-Smith, who always says “perfect” after taking an order; it’s chocolate ice cream dipped in chocolate and coated in chocolate chips.

Hey Em, a chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, is named after Emily Synowiec, who her co-workers often say “Hey Em” to. The Sam Pop comes with peanut butter ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate, named after employee Sam Rock. Manager Ryan Andrews’ Cold Pop consists of cookies and cream ice cream, half dipped in chocolate. The Ollie Pop, named after Olivia Page, the owner’s niece, includes raspberry ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate.

The Mag Pop features Fruity Pebbles ice cream with a cherry drizzle for manager Maggie Zandier, and the Nancy B. Pop was named in memory of the late Nancy Bertram Runco, owner of Nancy B’s Bakery in West Homestead. His namesake ice cream comes with vanilla ice cream, chunks of chocolate chips from his bakery, and a drizzle of chocolate.

Each pop is $2.75, and Page plans to add more flavors as the season progresses. For larger orders – for birthday or graduation parties – the store urges customers to call ahead to ensure there is sufficient stock. The shop also plans to offer a dairy-free vegan option to order ahead.

The ice cream shop, located on the corner of East Carson Street and Becks Run Road, is entering its 71st year of business. Page-Prusia and her husband bought it from her dad, Chuck Page, in March 2020, and he’s since seen the addition of new soft serve flavors, vegan oat milk ice creams and, of course, Pops page. It also recently underwent a subtle rebranding, with a slight name change from the original Page Dairy Mart to the simpler Page – something most locals had already called it anyway.

So far, customers rave about the pops.

“I had a Nancy B Pop!!!” wrote a Facebook user in the comments under Page’s initial announcement. “So delicious and the perfect size after a hoagie steak! I think they are my new favorite! Might have to try all the flavors!!!!”

“I had the cookies and cream yesterday – delicious!” writes another.

Page’s won last year’s Best of the Burgh 2021 Frozen Treat reader poll. Page-Prusia said it gives customers a sense of nostalgia that keeps them coming back for more.

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