“Original” yogurts rich in sugar, according to tests

  • By Stacy Hsu / Journalist

While some may associate the original flavored yogurt drinks with being natural and unsweetened, recent research by the John Tung Foundation (JTF) found that over 85% of the products were high in sugar.

The foundation tested 23 yogurts and yogurt drinks labeled as original flavor in April and May, of which 20, or 87 percent, contained added sugar.

Highlighting Yakult Co’s ‘original flavored calcium rich probiotic drink’ (原味 高鈣 優酪乳), nutritionist JTF Lin Yan-ting (林彥廷) said the product had the highest sugar content among the items. tested, at 9.3 g per 100 milliliters (g / 100 ml), which is equivalent to the amount of two lumps of sugar.

“Drinking 2.2 bottles of the 125ml product would easily exceed the WHO recommended daily sugar intake of no more than 25 grams,” Lin said.

Lin said that in terms of sugar content, the drink was followed by Taiwan Bifido plain yogurt (æ´» 益 比 菲 多), which contained sugar at the level of 8.8g / 100ml, and the hard Uni-President Enterprises Co’s hard AB (統一 企業) yogurt (AB ä¹³ æžœ), which had a sugar content of 7.9 g / 100 ml.

Lin also cautioned consumers against yogurt products marketed as “light,” citing Uni-President’s AB (AB 輕 優酪乳) light drinkable yogurt as an example, which contained 6.4 g / 100 ml of sugar.

The foundation urged the public to read a product’s nutrition labels carefully before purchasing it and to opt for drinkable yogurts clearly labeled as “low in sugar” or “sugar free.”

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