New Zealand ice cream is only available on the Olympic Peninsula

Welly’s brings ice cream with a top left twist. #k5evening

PORT ANGELES, Wash. – Hidden away on the Port Angeles waterfront is a new spot serving up a frozen treat from New Zealand. Opened in 2021, Welly’s Real Fruit Ice Cream is the only place in Washington that serves New Zealand-style ice cream. Lillie Phillips, owner of this place with her husband Jacob, discovered it while traveling and working in New Zealand.

“One of the odd jobs I found was at an ice cream shop, which is how I found this machine called Little Jem,” Lillie said. “New Zealand-style ice cream is where you mix the fruit.”

To make a New Zealand style cone or bowl, a scoop of sweet cream ice cream from Lopez Island Creamery, then frozen berries (locally grown when possible, when we were there the raspberries were from Graysmarsh Farm from Sequim) enter a contraption that looks like a cone with a drill attached. The drill smashes it all together, and what comes out is a soft pastel pink, blue, or purple serve (depending on the berries used) that’s delicious to eat and fun to watch. They can also make dairy-free New Zealand style cones.

“The kids are so cute, the little ones are leaning over the counter, they love looking at it, the eyes are getting big,” Lillie said. “It’s just something they’ve never seen before.”

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The mechanics of making these cones also fascinate adults, there is usually a queue at this place. Employees toss fruit with scoops of ice cream at a breakneck pace, delivering perfectly formed cones, sometimes tinged with shadow. It takes a lot of practice to perfect the curls. Lillie said new hires get a tub of ice cream, fruit, and plenty of time on the Little Jem to perfect the swirl.

“It’s an art form!”

Welly’s (named after Wellington, New Zealand’s capital) also has an upper-level play area, with a few swings and saltwater views. Water over a spot that has already dialed it. And based on weekday crowd size when we were there, the top left loves this cool treat from Down Under. And Lillie and Jacob Phillips like to serve it.

“Ice cream is endless happiness!” says Jacob.

Welly’s Real Fruit Ice Cream is located at 115 E. Railroad Ave., #103 Port Angeles, WA, 98362, and summer hours are 12:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Wednesday through Monday (closed Tuesday).

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