New Meridian Road Ice Cream Shop Continues Family Legacy at A&B City Dairy

Amber Young is thrilled to be opening her own ice cream shop in the same location where her grandmother ran a similar business many years ago.

A&B City Dairy is set to open across from Gordonville Grocery in early summer at 1556 South Meridian Road (M-30), just south of Gordonville Road.

“We are really excited to offer this in our community; there is nothing like it around us,” said Amber Young. “You have to go to Merrill or Sanford to get anything like ice cream other than buying it from a little freezer.”

Amber Young and her husband, Ben Young (whose first two initials are in the name of the business), chose the location because Amber’s grandmother, Evelyn Fick, owned an ice cream shop in the same location .

Amber Young also owns Gordonville Grocery, which has been passed down through the generations from her grandmother as well.

Young said owning her own business has been in her blood for as long as she’s been alive, noting that she was raised on grocery shopping as her parents ran it as she grew up.

When Young’s grandmother owned the ice cream shop, her parents also worked there until her grandparents separated. After that the location was sold and became several different stores over the years.

“It was called different things,” Young said. “My great-uncle said it was a burger shack, but that knowledge is long before my time.”

The original building eventually burned down before being rebuilt and turned into Suderman’s gun store. Suderman eventually went out of business and sold the building to the Youngs, coming full circle.

“We’re remodeling and turning a gun store into an ice cream shop, so there’s a lot to do,” Young said.

The Youngs plan to offer “a variety of ice cream products, served and hand-dipped, milkshakes and frozen drinks,” on a seasonal basis.

“We’re at the mercy of how quickly we can do our renovation, but we’re aiming for a June opening at some point,” Young said. “We don’t have a date set yet, but we’re hoping for June.”

Young said she and her husband plan to continue the family tradition of hiring their own local children and teenagers to “teach some responsibility and responsibility to work for your money.”

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