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Being negative means your name is on defaulters list and consequently dirty on the square. Even so, there are legal financial institutions that enable and facilitate lending to the negative. Which is very good, but also very expensive. After all, as financial institutions have more risks in providing money to these proven debtors, interest rates are also much higher.

On the other hand, the release of money is quick. After you apply for the loan and submit the documentation, the financial institution will perform a credit analysis. Once you are approved, the money will be in your account in no time.

Who can make the loan for negative?

Who can make the loan for negative?

  • Every general public that proves income.
  • Retirees and Pensioners in general.
  • Public Servants in general.
  • Self-employed with proof of income.

How to order and required documents

How to order and required documents

To order, you need to go to the store, provided with the documents described below:

  • ID / CPF
  • Proof of income (last two) and residence
  • Bank statement of your payment day

What is the best option?

What is the best option?

For those who are negative, one of the best options is the payroll loan, which is guaranteed by the fact that the installments are discounted directly from the customer’s payroll. If you have a dirty name but want to pay less interest, consider this option.

How does payroll-deductible loan work?

At first, in the case of people with a bad name and a payroll-deductible loan for those who are not negative, this credit model has as its main feature the discount of the installments directly from the paycheck. This means that the amount payable on the loan amount is taken directly from the source of income of the borrower.

Because of this guarantee, the interest offered is lower than that charged on your credit card revolving or overdraft.

Remember, however, that not everyone with a dirty name can apply for a payroll loan. It is offered only to civil servants, retirees, pensioners or employees of companies affiliated with financial institutions and offering this modality to their employees.

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