Miller High Life makes beer flavored ice cream

Miller High Life is changing things up with the release of a beer-flavored ice cream bar.

A limited-edition “ice cream bar” will launch on Monday to celebrate the ice cream bar’s 100th anniversary. (Dairy owner William Isaly invented the Klondike bar in 1922.)

Made in collaboration with alcoholic confectioner Tipsy Scoop, each bar is infused with real Miller High Life beer, plus ingredients designed to channel the vibe of a classic dive bar – including Peanut Swirl inspired by peanut shells found on bar floors, gooey caramel for recall the stickiness of these floors, dark chocolate to evoke dark wood and dim lighting and even a hint of tobacco smoke flavor for “the smoky aroma that doubles as cologne for those at the bar”, according to a press release.

The treat is also sprinkled with carbonated candies to infuse a bit of effervescence into the bar.

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Tipsy’s founder and CEO, Melissa Tavss, comes from a family of ice cream makers: her family brought ice cream from Italy to Scotland in the 1800s.

Miller High Life Ice Cream Bar

The Miller High Life ice cream “dive bar” has a dark chocolate coating to evoke the dark wood and dim lighting of classic diving.

Tipsy Scoop

“I’ve always been interested in perfecting my homemade ice cream recipe and first added a teaspoon of alcohol to sweeten my ice cream because it came out all icy on the sides,” Tavss told CNET.

She likes ice cream as a carrier for the alcohol because it enhances the flavor and maintains the alcohol content, “unlike baking or cooking with alcohol when the alcohol is burned off,” she said. added.

“Six-packs” of Miller High Life Ice Cream Dive Bars are available (for adults 21 and older) on the Tipsy Scoop website and for $36. Individual bars can be found at Tipsy Scoop’s three scoop stores in New York City, or barlours, for $6.

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