Meat: brucellosis explained; why you should stay away from raw dairy, raw meat to keep this infection at bay

We’ve often heard that we shouldn’t drink unpasteurized milk or wash our hands when we touch eggshells – the reason for this hygiene check and food practice is to keep brucellosis at bay . For the uninitiated, brucellosis is a bacterial infection that is often passed from animals to humans and the most common way it can be spread is when people eat raw or unpasteurized dairy products. It can also be spread through the air and through direct contact with infected animals.

How do you know if you have brucellosis?

The obvious signs of this disease are fever, joint pain and fatigue. However, it takes time to heal and the infection can recur. It also sometimes happens that certain symptoms do not go away. Other signs of this disease include sweating, malaise, anorexia, and headache. The disease is treatable with antibiotics.

The disease is detectable by blood test. If samples of blood, bone marrow or other bodily fluids contain samples of bacteria, it is confirmed that someone has this disease.

How to prevent?

The most important course of action is to avoid raw meat and unpasteurized milk, cheese or ice cream. If you’re closer to livestock, make sure you have goggles and gloves so the infection can’t enter through your eyes or hands.

Milk pasteurization is a very crucial process before consumption when raw milk is heated at high temperature for a short period of time so that it boils.

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