Meat and Dairy Alternatives Move the Macro Strength of Plant Wisdom

The New Hope Network editorial team, in conjunction with the NEXT Data & Insights team, has identified the key macroeconomic forces driving food trends in the United States. In the 2022 Guide, we’ve connected these macro strengths and hot trends, along with new exhibitors and brands to help you meet consumer needs. Learn more about the Guide and purchase your copy here. (Sales begin Feb. 11.)

Plant-based diets are becoming a staple for consumers looking to improve their health or reduce their carbon footprint.

Manufacturers and retailers across the country are embracing the longstanding trend of plant-based eating; natural food entrepreneurs continue to innovate new foods and beverages to meet consumer needs and desires.

Three trends align with the macro strength of Plant Wisdom:

  • Eat more plants — Consumers want to eat more nutrient-dense plants in their diet. Innovative brands are using cauliflower, coconut, water lily seeds, superfoods and even dried coffee in plant-based ice creams, frozen meals, drinks and meat alternatives.
  • Plant-Based Ethics – Consumers are moving away from animal products, especially those from corporate-owned farms, because they realize the system is harming society, the environment, and their own health. Products embracing this trend include plant-based cheeses, chips, snacks, beverages, frozen foods, and alternative meats.
  • Plants Elevated—These plant-based food brands appeal to vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians with their flavor, crunch, and umami tastes.

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