Mauna Loa’s launch of the very first macadamia milk ice cream makes it the best-selling plant-based ice cream, leading to more innovations to come

Mauna Loa’s Non-Dairy Macadamia Milk Ice Cream is available in a variety of flavors, with more to come, and is available online at and in stores nationwide.

“It is an incredible feeling for our team to have been able to introduce innovation not only in our historic brand, but also in the herbal ice cream category which has gained momentum in recent years,” said Danielle Laubenstein, Director of Global Marketing for Mauna Loa.

KEA ‘Mauna Loa® (, the global leader in macadamia nut products for 75 years, celebrates the successful launch of its Hawaiian-inspired line of macadamia milk ice cream – the first and only commercialized range of macadamia milk ice cream, which won the top four for new items from Natural Channel, among plant-based ice creams.

Offering consumers ‘paradise in a pint’ through her online store and in the freezer aisles of stores such as Safeway / Albertsons, Sprouts and Whole Foods, since the start of the year, Mauna Loa ends the year as the best-selling herbal ice cream product among the new products, within the Natural Chain, for 2021.

“It is an incredible feeling for our team to have been able to introduce innovation not only into our historic brand, after 75 years of focusing primarily on our macadamia nut lines, but also in the ice cream category. plants that is growing. in recent years, across all retail channels, ”said Danielle Laubenstein, Global Marketing Director for Mauna Loa. “We are delighted to see the response from consumers in the months following the launch of our ice cream, whose strong desire to buy and positive reviews have made four of our SKUs the best sellers overall. We look forward to continuing to deliver more innovations that bring a slice of heaven into the homes and lives of our customers, across the country.

The success of the initial launch prompted Mauna Loa to innovate further in the category – taking macadamia nut where it has never gone before – and adding additional variety and Hawaiian flavors to its lineup.

Over the summer, the brand launched Strawberry Guava, its 7th flavor of macadamia milk ice cream, which carries some of the island’s most popular fruits to the mainland in perfect pint-sized portions. . As the initial response to the latest innovation has been very positive, Mauna Loa plans to launch additional flavors in 2022, the next being MolokaÊ»i Sea Salt & Caramel.

The new flavor is a unique recipe of creamy caramel swirls and a pinch of sea salt, sourced from the island of Molokaʻi. Under the watchful eye of a Saltmaster, seawater from the ultra-pure waters around Molokaʻi is evaporated by solar evaporation to obtain an ultra-mineral-rich sea salt. While salt has also been used historically for ceremonial purposes, such as blessing and purifying sea canoes, it also works wonders on and in foods and recipes to accentuate flavor.

With caramel, a top-notch flavor in the ice cream category, Molokaʻi Sea Salt Creamer & Caramel offers a plant-based alternative to consumers looking for dairy-free options without sacrificing taste or texture.

The two new innovations in its ice cream line join Mauna Loa’s already popular dry-roasted flavored macadamias and chocolate-coated macadamias lines, and currently include:

  • Rocky Road to Hana is a Hawaiian take on the classic with a nod to Maui’s legendary Eastside winding road. Think creamy chocolate, vegan marshmallows and crunchy macadamia nuts
  • Vanilla Orchid offers a delicious option for the classic flavor with a side of aloha
  • Mango Liliko’i is a sweet and tangy union of mango and passion fruit
  • Kona Coffee is premium Kona coffee in frozen form
  • Vanilla chocolate chips offer a fun texture with a timeless flavor
  • Chocolate is a plant-based version of the traditional flavor, made with premium cocoa

With a simple ingredient list, all ice cream flavors are certified, dairy free, gluten free, and GMO free. Both chocolate references are Cocoa Horizons certified and all flavors are available in freezers at retailers across the country including Albertsons / Safeway (Seattle, Hawai’i, NorCal, SoCal, Texas and New Mexico), Sprouts at nationally, Whole Foods Market (Hawai’i) and Longs Drugs (Hawai’i). All SKUs are also available for purchase from

About Mauna Loa®

From 1946, under the shadow of the Mauna Loa® volcano itself, the Mauna Loa brand began growing and roasting macadamia nuts to produce a nutritious nut with a buttery flavor and a unique crunch. Since then, the Hawai’i-based company has still roasted macadamias at its own manufacturing facility in Kea’au, on the Big Island of Hawaii, and has created a wide variety of macadamia nut products. , including dairy free macadamia milk ice cream, flavored nuts and chocolate coated nuts. With a passionate team that embodies the aloha spirit, Mauna Loa continues to innovate with bold new products that harness the vibrant flavors and exquisite tastes of Hawaii.

With the launch of its online store, all of Mauna Loa’s products are now available to island lovers across the country, with products shipped right to the customer’s front door.

For more information on Mauna Loa, visit null

About the Hawaiian Host Group

Hawaiian Host Group, the parent company of Hawaiian Host®. The Mauna Loa and Koho brands are the leading manufacturer of premium chocolate and macadamia nut snacks. Renowned for delivering an authentic chocolate and macadamia nut experience, the iconic Hawai’i company has been providing delicious, high-quality products since 1927, from confectionery gifts to gourmet snacks. Based in Honolulu, Hawaiian Host Group produces a wide assortment of unique premium chocolate and macadamia nut snacks and distributes them worldwide. For more information on Hawaiian Host Group, visit

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