Louisville Dairy Kastle’s popular ice cream stand will reopen next week

dairy castlethe popular ice cream and seasonal food stand at 575 Eastern Parkway, will reopen for the 2022 season on Tuesday, March 1.

Katherine Smith, co-owner of Dairy Kastle with husband Damian Vitale, told LEO this morning she was delighted to welcome customers back after the store closed for its annual break in October.

Dairy Kastle has been serving its big servings of mouth-watering ice cream and chili dogs for over 40 years.Smith had recently made an appeal to employees on Instagram. Although she said she now had enough staff to reopen Dairy Kastle, she’s always on the lookout for a few “nice people” with “outgoing personalities, people who want to make people smile, and people who can move fast” in a small space.

“It’s ice cream, so most people are happy to be there.” she told LEO. “People are always excited to be at Kastle, so it’s fun to wait for them.”

Anyone 16 or older can apply, and many of its employees are high school students working their first jobs. Salaries start at $10 an hour and vary by age and experience. Duties include serving ice cream and chili dogs, and employees are required to wear masks. (As Smith said, “I wish [customers] you could see our smiling faces, but you can smile with your eyes. “)

To apply, leave a voicemail on the store number, 502-634-8990, with your name and contact information.

“We are looking forward to the season. We can’t wait to see our human and animal friends,” she said, “and we look forward to spring. »

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