Longtime Whitey’s Ice Cream Employees Retire | Local News

“I’m 79 and sugar bags get pretty heavy at that age,” Hunsaker said. “So I just decided it was finally time to give it up.”

Before coming to Whitey’s, Hendrickx worked for a local dairy company that made the mix for Whitey’s ice cream. As Whitey’s has grown over the decades, his position has changed several times, including as Plant Engineer and Purchasing Manager.

Although Hendrickx has retired, he continues to help out part-time as a new employee learns the ropes in the purchasing department. It was an interesting challenge to step back, he said, and let others handle what was his job. He used to clean and salt the sidewalks around the factory, but realized after a recent winter storm that he no longer had that responsibility.

“It was hard not to come in and deal with these things that I’ve been doing for years and years,” Hendrickx said.

Both Hendrickx and Hunsaker will be missed by the people they worked with the most.

“Whitey’s has always had a very good core of employees, long-term employees, as you can see with Virginia and myself,” Hendrickx said. “Just a great group of people and a great family to work for.”

Whitey’s Ice Cream Inc. Vice President Annika Tunberg said the pair have helped Whitey’s thrive over the years, shaping the business into what it is today.

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