Lepur’s Healthy Yogurt Drinks at Nali Patio

These health geeks are a funny bunch. After the coconut craze, guess what gets them excited now? Yogurt. Or to put it another way, yogurt has dismissed all suitors and has regained its usual place in the limelight.

To welcome him again, Lepur has opened a new 100 m² boutique on the first floor of Nali Patio, just opposite the Page One bookstore. “But wait,” we hear you cry. “Isn’t that where the South Korean soft-serve Remicone ice cream shop was?” As always, dear reader, you are absolutely right. Finding himself out of favor in these days of healthy kicks and fruity cheesy tea, Remicone quietly walked away.

Its replacement has a trendy contemporary look and is even designed to be suitable for selfies – there’s a small take-out window in the gray facade that people can stop in front of and take photos. Through the automatic glass door there are two rows of cabins in the main room, mirrored walls from floor to ceiling painted in different shades of gray, and several small cabins throughout.

The menu is divided into categories such as yoghurt mousse, “yogurt tea” (think cheese tea, but with yogurt instead), fruit teas, smoothies, ice cream, cocktails. alcohol and yogurt parfait, and prices are on a par with other downtown establishments. The Relax with Yo-sun (RMB 28) was recommended by the staff, with the waitress explaining that it reminded her of “the sun in Tainan, Taiwan”. Well, it’s definitely yellow thanks to a base of fruit tea, diced mango, and passion fruit, and is topped with Lepur yogurt instead of cheese. The fruit gives the drink intense acidity and sweetness, balanced by peppermint and lightly salted yogurt.

There are also 12 types of prepackaged Greek yogurts. While the coconut and rose flavor (16 RMB) was creamy and even sported rose petals, we found the coconut flavor to be lacking a bit. Since most varieties contain sugar, if you’re on a low-carb diet, you might be better off going with the original sugar-free yogurt.

While sipping our yogurt tea, we noticed Leonard Cohen’s words “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how light comes in” written on the wall. However, the fashionable sitting teenage girls weren’t very interested in thought-provoking lyrics, instead focusing on snapping photos of each other looking great. We’re happy to see Lepur offering an alternative to the currently ubiquitous cheese tea, and the crowds on a weekday afternoon show that customers are certainly buying this healthy “new” concept.

Every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. A111, Nali Patio, Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District (8440 8611)

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