Launch of an exciting new range of locally made Marama Niu chocolate covered ice creams

Launch of an exciting new range of locally made Marama Niu chocolate covered ice creams

Two friends who became business partners are now expanding their ice cream business due to the growing demand for their locally made ice cream, Marama Niu.

Marama Niu founder, Kylie Patterson, and her business partner, Jojina Ah Yuk, launched their new chocolate covered Nice Cream today.

Patterson says it hasn’t been easy to come up with a range of products and flavors because working from home comes with its challenges.

Patterson says the idea developed from an experience in 2018 after encountering a relative eating coconut ice cream.

She continued to do further research on YouTube and Google which surprised her as she then realized that aside from using coconut in our diet as islanders, cream coconut glaze was another option.

Before the brand was named, Patterson took to social media to market her homemade ice cream and was inundated with orders.

In 2020, the COVID-19 lockdown was a blessing in disguise as it gave Patterson more time to focus on the product as she teamed up with Jojina Ah Yuk.

The new line of ice creams is coconut-based, dairy-free and gluten-free.

The ice cream is sweetened using a locally sourced natural sugar made by the Rabi and Kioa community.

Patterson says their ice cream is a healthy alternative for those watching their sugar levels because the coconut nectar is low on the glycemic index and it’s perfect for those who are gluten and dairy intolerant.

A box of Marama Niu ice cream consists of ten chocolate-covered ice creams on a stick, two of each of their five flavors, and costs $25 a box.

The five flavors are Original, Double Chocolate, Berry, Mint Choc Chip, and Coffee.

Marama Niu Chocolate Covered Ice Cream can be purchased at Kundan Singh Supermarket and Corner Bakery in Tamavua.

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