Lady Moo Moo: An ice cream parlor close to my heart

IIt’s not hard to find in New York: a friend of mine claims she runs into a celebrity every time she visits Chloe’s Fruit in Union Square, and few people with a sweet tooth will not have made it through. visit an outpost of Ample Hills Creamery, the 10-store New York phenomenon that makes its products right here in the state and produces flavors like marshmallow cornflake and double honeycomb delight. At the trendy (* whisper * overpriced) minimalist clothing store Kith on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn’s Candle Park Slope, you can get a soft serve by a window mixed with your favorite sugary cereal (Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Grahams). both make a great choice on a sweaty summer day.)

There is, however, one ice cream place closer to my heart than any of them.

Further into the Bed-Stuy neighborhood (short for Bedford-Stuyvesant) than most hipsters dare to walk is a lovingly designed little wooden window where homemade ice cream – dairy, veg and sherbet, all made. on site – is sold by a team of dedicated staff. Open April through November, Lady Moo Moo is now in its final week of winter marketing and selling pints of its bestsellers to prepare people for winter.

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