Karoun Dairies launches Mediterranean yogurt drinks Blue Isle

SAN FERNANDO, CALIFORNIA (February 4, 2015) – According to 2015 Research and markets: global and US yogurt market and yogurt innovation, the yogurt and drinkable yoghurt market is a dynamic category in the United States and around the world, marked by exponential innovation. The category has been revolutionized in recent years by Greek yogurt, which has grown from a simple segment of the yogurt market in 2007 to the biggest trend in the industry, albeit at the expense of the dollar and unit sales of the non-Greek yogurt. . Over 50% of sales can now be attributed to Greek yogurt. However, the saturation and rise of the Greek yogurt market has slowed, and the Greek yogurt industry is looking for other ways to keep the momentum going.

Award-winning leader in the manufacture of dairy products, Dairies Karoun (KarounCheese.com), raises the bar in the dairy retail aisle with the launch of Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Drinks and Blue Isle Mediterranean Spreadable Yoghurts. Designed for a growing health-conscious population, Blue Isle replaces old staple groceries with tastier and better nutritional alternatives.

Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Drinks are made in the Central Valley of California and will be on display for the first time at Natural Products Expo West. These sweet, all-natural yogurt drinks have the added benefit of 10 living and active cultures. Loaded with protein and low in fat, Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Beverages epitomize the Mediterranean diet and the benefits of supporting digestive health and nutritional well-being. Rich in probiotics, antioxidants and calcium, these functional drinks can be enjoyed as a nutritionally dense breakfast treat, in smoothies, as a granola topping or as a “good for you” snack.

It’s no secret what Americans want when it comes to a healthy treat on the go. According to research, healthy consumer grocery shopping should be convenient, nutritious and delicious. This is why yoghurt drinks are one of the fastest growing sectors of the dairy market. Blue Isle Mediterranean yogurt drinks are portable, nutritious and delicious to enjoy.

Fun fact – Blue Isle Mediterranean yogurt drinks have benefits that milk does not: People with moderate lactose intolerance cannot drink milk, but they can enjoy yogurt drinks without any ill effects because the lactose in the precursor of milk. milk is converted to lactic acid by the cultured bacteria.

Blue Isle Mediterranean yogurt drinks can be enjoyed in the following creamy flavors:

  • Original
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Grenade

Meet the team and taste Blue Isle’s delicious yogurt drinks by visiting the booth # 2699 at Natural Products Expo West.

Blue Isle is distributed by Karoun Dairies, Inc. (KarounCheese.com), a second generation family business with several rewards for excellence in the cheese and dairy industry. Honors include the World Cheese Awards, World Cheese Championship medals, US Championships, California State Fair awards and in 2014, 1st Place for Blue Isle Original in the Labneh, Greek Style Yogurt and Other Strained Yogurt Products category of the American Cheese Society. Karoun produces some of California’s finest specialty cheeses using century-old, artisanal methods. All 130+ SKUs are made from ultra-premium ingredients including premium milk from cows free of artificial hormones, BGH / rBST and are certified Real California Milk.

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