Jeff Bezos sets up unlimited soft serve ice cream machine in his Los Angeles home

According to an Instagram post from Los Angeles, soft serve ice cream company CVT Soft Serve this week, Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos installed a soft serve ice cream maker in his Los Angeles home. “I just made an ice cream delivery to a guy who now has CVT under pressure in his house 24/7, thank you Jeff Bezos for being our first residential CVTeeny customer.” The message is accompanied by a photo of the company’s founder, Joe Nicchi.

The CVTeeny is a soft serve ice cream maker with a personalized “license plate” on the front that resembles a food truck. According to the company’s website, the machine serves vanilla, chocolate, and twisted soft-serve. It is not known in which Bezos properties the machine was installed, but from CVT photographs it appears to be his Beverly Hills villa. He paid $ 165 million for the mansion, formerly known as the Warner Estate, in February 2020, breaking the record for the most expensive real estate transaction in California history. He then added a $ 10 million property next to it, resulting in a compound of $ 175 million.

A soft serve ice cream maker isn’t that expensive, and the real question is why someone like Bezos would settle for soft serve ice cream. He could easily have had his own Ben & Jerry’s, Kawartha Dairy, or a plethora of other premium frozen delicacies, but he opted for soft drinks.

Bezos’ love for soft serve ice cream

Bezos has already shown that, like many people, he can’t resist the allure of soft serve ice cream. He was pictured with two of his children at the Milk Bar, a dessert restaurant and bakery owned by chef Christina Tosi, in New York City in April 2019. He ordered the company’s famous Cereal Milk ice cream, which is believed to have the taste “of the bottom of your bowl of cereal,” according to Page Six at the time. Bezos will no longer have to make a single trip to get his dose of soft-serve thanks to his new endless ice machine.

Not only Bezos, but other billionaires like Warren Buffet are also known for their weird diets, including eating ice cream for breakfast, eating a lot of McDonald’s, and drinking coke almost constantly.

Image Credit: @ cvtsoftserve / Instagram, AP, Unsplash

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