Independent ice cream maker launches tasty vegan offering

Steve Wardle, Director of Operations and Heather Wilson, Director of Sales and Distribution

NOTorth Yorkshire’s Brymor Ice Cream has launched a new format of its popular vegan vanilla ice cream, making it easier than ever for its business customers to offer an alternative option to their visitors.

Oith the incredible £1.1 billion a year ‘vegetarian and plant-based alternatives’ market in the UK, Brymor saw an opportunity to make their award-winning range more inclusive, not just for vegans but also for customers with intolerances to dairy products.

Heather Wilson, Head of Sales and Distribution, said: “Research suggests that only 4% of people in the UK are vegan, but it’s understandable that our customers want to provide products to suit this lifestyle choice. . As we generally sell to professional customers in larger formats, this then posed a potential food waste problem. So our team got to work creating a solution.

“The 110ml ‘impulse’ jars are perfect for enabling our customers to meet customer needs, without having to commit to large volumes – the ideal situation which has been exceptionally well received.”

Made to one of Brymor’s secret recipes, the vegan product still retains a more typical dairy ice cream mouthfeel, unlike many competing products on the market, with a creamy, vanilla flavor. It’s available now, exclusively at Brymor. The product is also available in larger sizes, and at the show for visitors.

The company recently invested £100,000 in installing solar panels on its roof to reduce its impact on the environment, and won a three-star accolade at the 2022 Great Taste Awards for its Amarena Black Cherry Whim Wham.

Producing up to 1 million liters of ice cream each year, Brymor has gained an enviable reputation and in addition to its parlor which welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, it is also stocked at Booths, Waitrose and by many retailers independents, pubs and restaurants.

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