Ice Cream Panthers win Dinshaw’s Cricket League

DINSHAW’S, the leading brand of milk, dairy products and ice cream, recently organized Dinshaw’s Cricket League aimed at the integration of employees in all departments. The Dinshaw Cricket League was played at the Mecosabagh ground with eight teams taking part. Each team was mandated to have at least one female member to encourage employee participation. For the title, the Ice Cream Panthers defeated Dairy Milky in a tantalizing last-ball finale. Md Nadeem, the captain of the winning team, with his team members, received the trophy and prize money from Jimmy Rana, MD, Dinshaw’s Group. Nagendra Prasad received Orange Cap for his overall performance with the bat and Anil Francis Purple Cap for his performance with the ball. Gift baskets and additional certificates were given to participating players.

Initially, Jimmy Rana ushered in Dinshaw’s Cricket League and implored every member to play the game in its spirit and festive mode. Chief guest Zervin Rana, Dinshaw Group Director, highlighted the team effort. Senior management Sushil Verma (VP Production), Khushroo Buhariwala, VP Operations and Dr Ajay Upadhaya, VP Procurement were present at the event. Dinshaw’s Cricket League was a team effort with Sanjay Thadani, Amit Chhugani, Anand Pachdhare, Navin Das, Zubin Amroilwalla, Rajesh Chendke and others helping in the process.

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