How To Freeze Eggs, Dairy Products, Meat, and More | advice

Milk. Milk can be frozen for up to three months, as long as the sealed container is frozen before the “best before” date. Skim and skim milk freezes better than whole milk. Thaw frozen milk in the refrigerator. The milk will still have the same nutrients, but it can separate. If so, shake well and consume as soon as possible.

Cheese. Hard cheese freezes well, but it changes the texture, making it almost impossible to slice. Frozen cheese is ideal for cooking and for grating. Tip: Grate first, then freeze.

Fresh meat. Fresh roasts and beef steaks can be frozen for up to a year if packaged properly to delay freezer burn; pork and lamb for up to six months.

Processed meats. You can freeze bacon, hot dogs, cooked ham, cold cuts, and sausages for up to two months before these items start to lose quality and taste.

Fresh poultry. Whole turkey, chicken, duck and goose can be frozen for up to a year. Poultry cuts, however, must be used within nine months.

Plain flour. All-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and other staples including baking powder and baking soda stay fresh and bug free in the freezer indefinitely. You won’t feel any change in texture or taste. Even better? You can ignore the expiration dates.

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