‘How about Dolo 650 flavor?’: Amul showcases ice cream with ‘isabgol’, netizens react

Different flavors and mixtures of nuts in ice never fails to attract dessert lovers. ice cream tempt everyone and many like to have a scoop – alone or with family and friends.

Dairy brand Amul has come up with a new variety of ice cream and called it Isabcool, but netizens are not impressed. On Sunday, the newspaper brand took to Instagram to feature Isabcool and shared a poster that read, “Goodness from Isabgol with cashews and figs.” “Introducing the brand new Isabcool Kaju Anjir. A royal treat for your sweet tooth and tummy,” reads the caption.

The idea of ​​mixing isabgol, a dietary fiber also known as Psyllium Husk which promotes relaxation, into ice cream has annoyed many. “How about Dolo 650 flavor ice cream?” wrote one user. Another user commented, “Then they will create a flavor with Roko and call it Rokool.”

Twitter user Nandita Iyer shared Isabgol’s screenshot of Amul with the caption “No thanks” and Twitter users flocked to express their disapproval. Iyer further wrote in the comments section, “I wonder whose crappy idea this was.”

Amusing reactions flooded Iyer’s comments section, “Amul throws Isabgol ice cream Person: Literally person: Constipated: Wow! Can’t wait for it to come out,” wrote one user. Another user commented, “They were inspired by a bunch of bad street food you sometimes picked up!”

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