Health teams go out of their way to check for adulterated dairy products

To check for adulteration of dairy products, a state-level inspection campaign began on Saturday.

Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Vijay Singla said seven inter-district health teams had carried out inspections in various districts and collected up to 65 samples of milk and other products.

Dr. Singla further stated that at SAS Nagar, a team from Sangrur collected 12 samples of paneer (3), milk (2), khoya (1) and one each of cream, curd, cream ice cream, milk cake and kalakand.

In Ludhiana district, another team from Amritsar seized 795 liters of desi ghee from a packing unit – Punjab Agro Foods – in the village of Mehlon and took two samples of Punjab courier and brand desi ghee Danvir. Apart from this, the team took eight other samples including two of paneer, one of curd, two of milk and three of khoya burfi, milk cake and pink chumchum from various dairies and confectioneries.

In Amritsar district, a team from Kapurthala and a food safety officer, Jalandhar, took five samples, one of khoya, two of desi ghee and two of paneer.

In Mansa, a team from Bathinda collected eight samples, including one of milk, two of paneer, one of khoya, one of desi ghee, one of cream, one of curd and one of candy. In Barnala, eight samples were collected, in Sangrur, nine samples, and in Patiala, 13 samples of dairy products were collected.

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