Find out which flavors of ice cream won top honors at the World Dairy Expo!

Judging is over at the 55th Annual World Dairy Expo, once again Stewart’s Shops offers some of the finest dairy in North America. Judging is based on flavor, body and texture, melt quality, appearance and color.

Stewart’s Shops had a total of four ice cream winners in the competition, one first place winner, one second place, as well as two third place. This year’s competition received over 1,400 submissions from dairy farmers across North America.

First place:
Stewart’s Shops officially has the best peanut butter ice cream in North America, Stewart’s Peanut Butter Pandemonium Ice Cream was the winner in the Peanut Butter Ice Cream category. Pandemonium Peanut Butter is the best-selling flavor at Stewart’s Shops.

Second place:
A customer favorite, Stewart’s Shops Mint Cookie Crumble took second place in the mint category.

Third place:
The two third place finishes were in the frozen dessert division – Mango Dragon Fruit in the sorbet category, Salty Caramel in the gelato category.

All Stewart’s Shops dairy products are made fresh at their factory in Greenfield, New York, with milk sourced from 20 local family dairy farms.

“After winning New York State’s Best Milk Award, we are so proud that our ice cream was recognized at the World Dairy Expo! We’ve been making quality dairy products for over 100 years,” said Gary Dake, President of Stewart’s Shops.

Philly Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Cookie Crumble, French Vanilla, Milk Chocolate Gelato and Crumbs Along the Mohawk have been honored at the World Dairy Expo in previous years.
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