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Editor’s note: 5-year-old article does all this after school to protect his siblings from Covid-19 ran over and is part of our syndicated editorial department

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You recently posted a story about a lovely family trying to protect a 5 year old from Covid.

Is it possible to reach the mother with my e-mail? I strongly suggest she remove “Will” from dairy – no milk, no ice cream, no cheeses. My child had very similar issues to Will’s many years ago and once I removed dairy from his diet the issues went away within a few months.

There are many milk substitutes and plant-based milks these days that are delicious, as well as non-dairy ice cream, cheese, yogurt, and more. It is absolutely not necessary to give dairy products to children. This hurts them in many ways, contrary to what the powerful dairy industry would have you believe.

This story was beautiful and the thought of little Will consuming something that (potentially) harms him is heartbreaking.

There are no harmful side effects to replacing dairy with non-dairy and research/science all point to the wisdom and health benefits of eliminating dairy from your diet.

Thanks for your help on this.


Maria Ramos

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