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PHILIPSBURG — Ron and Sheree Vaux are still adjusting to the new year after wrapping up the final season of Vaux Dairy Freeze.

The business was sold last year. The new owner of the business has experience selling ice cream. The newcomer is expected to offer similar services, Sheree reported.

Ron recalled meeting Dairy Queen and opening in the 1970s. Eventually the business spun off from big business, taking the name Vaux Dairy Freeze.

There was a freedom to separate from big business, like creating new sundaes and implementing some employee ideas.

During his work time, Ron enjoyed connecting with the community. “That’s one thing I’m going to miss, talking to people,” he said.

Generations of young people have worked on the site, Sheree noted. The Vaux children, including Mandy, Erin and Kellie, grew up learning valuable skills in the business, starting at around age 9.

The two Vaux stay busy with their other business, RJ’s Pub & Grill, also located in Philipsburg. Sheree noted that they intended to keep this.

The ice cream business was sold after the Vaux’s daughter Kellie passed away in July. Kellie ran Vaux Dairy Freeze.

“We were really serious about it after he passed, just if anybody wanted the business,” Sheree said.

The final season went downhill after Kellie passed away. “It kind of fell apart after he passed away to a certain extent,” Sheree said, adding that the team was lucky to have staff members willing and able to wrap up the season.

The Vaux stepped in to help take care of the grandson Kellie left behind and take care of other business. The family would like to thank the community for its support.

“We would like to thank the wonderful community of Philipsburg for all the love and support provided not only to the business but also to our family,” reads on Facebook. “You have been there for us through good times and bad, and we are blessed to have been able to serve you all these years.”

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