Familiar flavors with indulgent, spicy twists trending in NPD winter ice cream

December 22, 2021 — As ice cream tops consumer lists for decadent winter treats, luxury brands are exploiting new flavors and textures in the dessert realm.

Latvian ice cream brand Ekselence, a member of Food Union, has unveiled a gourmet range of ice cream with winter flavors.

Pumpkin and spice latte, peanut butter, vanilla and chocolate crunch with cookie dough, milk soufflé, banana and chocolate and vanilla and chocolate cookies.

“The latest consumer market data shows significant changes in consumer preferences; ice cream has become not only one of the best desserts to eat at home, but also serves as home entertainment, ”said Alexander Mayorov, head of R&D, Food Union Ice Cream Competence Center, producer of the Ekselence brand . Food Ingredients First.

Along with other out-of-home entertainment such as the movie theater, cafes and restaurants, as well as closed or limited-access children’s amusement parks, ice cream has become “a popular vehicle of entertainment to be enjoyed in the comfort of the home of Canada. consumer. “

Latvian ice cream brand Ekselence has unveiled a gourmet range of ice creams with winter flavors.Spicy for the season
In Denmark and Norway, consumers have feasted on ice cream all year round. However, the trend is only starting to take shape in other parts of Europe, such as the Baltic Sea region, according to Food Union.

“We expect that with recent lifestyle changes more and more people will opt for ice cream during the winter months,” Mayorov said.

Brands have been challenged this year to create new products due to supply chain disruptions from COVID-19. Consumers have also become health conscious in the wake of the pandemic, and the ice cream industry has seen increasing demand for formulations with functional ingredients.

Food Union has been creative in developing warm, creamy flavors suitable for winter like chai latte. During this time, sauces, chunks and crisps were applied to enhance the ice cream.

“The different levels of restrictions on people’s mobility have resulted in changes in lifestyles and, consequently, in food consumption,” Mayorov explains.

The challenge was threefold: to deliver entertaining flavors influenced by global trends, to use practical packaging solutions in an environment of dramatically disrupted supply chains, and to scale up consumer-centric innovations.

“Consumers have returned to ice cream that offered comfort and pleasure. Interestingly, one of the star products was vanilla and chocolate with cookie dough, ”Mayorov adds.

Tendency of indulgence
Premia, a member of Food Union, saw an opportunity to focus on the premiumization of its ice cream range and to develop a new series of high-end products based on real cream that creates an ultra-creamy sensation. This renaissance comes full circle in the industry at a time when almost all ice cream used real cream.

Today, producers see the importance of going back to basics and examining the basic ingredient trusted to provide a rich, creamy sensation; while consumers seek to find in the premium ice cream category the use of healthy ingredients that are a signature of quality, the company notes.

The Estonian ice cream producer took the opportunity to develop its Premia Cream de le Cream product line and engage consumers with “a more luxurious, more gourmet and ‘cream-focused’ offer. It is characterized by saturated flavors of chocolate chip cookies and peanut cream or cookie dough and salted caramel sauce.

For this fall, Premia unveiled The Cream de la Cream range which comes in three flavors all infused with rich cream and rich additives packaged in a PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified cardboard jar offering the cream. cream of decadent flavors:

  • Premia Cream de la Cream Vanilla Ice Cream with cookie dough and salted butter caramel sauce: A rich taste experience, where pieces of cookie dough and a delicious salted caramel sauce are transformed into a real vanilla ice cream.
  • Premia Cream de la Cream Banana ice cream with peanut cream and chocolate cookies: A fusion of hedonistic flavors, where a creamy peanut filling and crispy chocolate cookie pieces are added to exotic banana ice cream made with real cream.
  • Premia Cream de la Cream Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and peanut cream: A decadent chocolate taste experience, where crispy pieces of chocolate chip cookies and sweet peanut cream are added to real chocolate ice cream.

Feast on plant-based dairy productsNadaMoo! Unveiled its limited edition “peppermint bark” flavor for this winter.
Meanwhile, Eclipse Foods launched its new line of ice cream flavors; “Cookie butter”, “mint burst” and “vintage vanilla”. The line is available at Whole Foods Market stores in Northern California, United States.

The company’s signature ice cream is made with an exclusive dairy platform that replicates plant micelles that mimic the taste, texture and function of dairy products.

Plant-based products are a key driver of sales growth at food retailers in the United States, growing twice as fast as overall product sales, according to Aylon Steinhart, co-founder and CEO of Eclipse Foods. food.

NadaMoo !, a dairy-free, coconut milk-based ice cream, has launched its limited edition “peppermint rind” flavored with agave nectar in time for this holiday season.

“Whether it’s tapping into that holiday feeling or just satisfying the craving for chocolate and peppermint, our Limited Edition Peppermint Bark is back by popular demand,” said Daniel Nicholson, CEO and president of NadaMoo!

Notably, grocery store sales of plant-based foods that directly replace animal products have increased 27% in the past year to $ 7 billion, according to the Good Food Institute.

Flavor is the most important choice factor and buying driver for ice cream consumers, according to Innova Market Insights. Market research recently reported that there are other trends in NPD ice cream that create additional competitive advantage, including non-dairy, low-sugar, ethically sourced ingredients.

Plant-based, dairy-free, reduced-sugar reformulation is reshaping the ice cream segment.

By Inga de Jong

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