EXCLUSIVE: This self-taught confectioner makes vegan slime-worthy ice cream that regularly sells in pop-ups, so she opened her own store

To cool off under the scorching summer sun this weekend, nothing better than a large scoop of rich and creamy ice cream.

Here in the 6ix there are tons of great ice cream parlors to choose from that offer a range of uplifting and decadent flavors.

However, it was hard to find a store that sells a tasty, dairy-free version of the creamy treat, which doesn’t sacrifice the taste or quality we all love.

Luckily, we’re lucky to have Honey’s Ice Cream, a premium plant-based ice cream shop with a vegan twist right here in Toronto!

Honey’s Ice Cream is owned and operated by Ashley Wittig, a baker and entrepreneur who wanted to make super creamy, but dairy-free ice cream that could stand up to the city’s popular dairy products.

After learning how to make plant-based ice cream and perfecting the formula with the right balance of texture and flavor, Wittig started selling his creamy treats in pop-ups across town in 2018.

In a matter of minutes, she would be selling her ice cream, and that’s when she realized that a permanent location was needed for her booming business.

In December 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Honey’s Ice Cream opened its first store in Dundas and Gladstone.

They currently offer scoops, pints, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars and pies, with 12 to 15 flavors available each month.

“I think our flavors are fun with a good mix between classic and unique,” ​​Wittig said in an interview with 6ixBuzz.

She recommends trying Peanut Butter & Salted, Classic Strawberry, and their Hot fudge crunch pies.

More than just an ice cream lover, Wittig is community driven and passionate about bringing people together.

In 2010, she founded the city’s first vegan and gluten-free bakery in Toronto, called Bunner’s Bake Shop, and today she continues to support several community initiatives such as Community Fridges Toronto, The Encampment Support Network and several led organizations. by aboriginal people.

Earlier this month, on July 1, 100% of Honey’s Ice Cream’s profits from scoop sales were donated to a local organization called Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction, which provides clothing, tents, food and more. even more to individuals in the camps.

So the next time you travel to Dundas West, be sure to stop by Honey’s Ice Cream for a fresh, cruelty-free decadent dessert, and support your community by doing so.

“It’s an ice cream business, but it’s really a joy offering at a time when we need it most,” Wittig said.

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