Delicious and Sustainable Animal-Free Dairy Ice Cream Reduces Climate Impact: Brave Robot Releases In-Depth Sustainability Report

brave robotthe animal-free dairy ice cream brand launched by The Urgent Society, today published research results that showed a substantial reduction in the consumption of natural resources compared to ice cream made by conventional dairy farming. Yes brave robot replacing just 50% of the dairy ice cream consumed each year in the United States would be equivalent to taking 927,174 cars off the road in carbon emissions savings.

brave robot conducted an ISO-compliant, third-party validated full life cycle assessment of WSP Global, Inc. that assessed the environmental impact of its vanilla ice cream throughout the supply chain. Compared to ice cream made using conventional dairy production methods, brave robotbased on animal whey protein from Perfect Day, reduced:

  • 72% greenhouse gas emissions
  • 60% non-renewable energy consumption
  • 23% blue water consumption

If only 1,000 consumers bought brave robot instead of traditional dairy ice cream for a year, collectively they would save the equivalent of:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions from 2,100 miles traveled
  • The energy needed to power 21 US homes for one day
  • The recommended daily intake of drinking water for 26,240 people

“It’s incredibly rewarding to quantify our potential for impact as we continue to create delicious foods that don’t compromise the consumer experience and are also kinder to the planet than their traditional counterparts,” said Paul Kollesoff, Founder and Managing Director of The Urgent Company. “Our impact and our business goals are inextricably linked, and this study quantifies for us what the success of Brave Robot means for the future of our planet.”

Brave Robot ($5.99/pint) is available nationwide at over 5,000 outlets, including Kroger, Shaw’s, and Stop & Shop, and at

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