Danone and Delhaize resolve price conflict, dairy products return to shelves

(Credits: Danone).

Sep 06, 2022 — Danone and Delhaize have finally reached an agreement on pricing following a dairy dispute that led to a shortage of product on supermarket shelves.

A slew of Danone’s dairy products, such as Activia drinks and yogurts, have been unavailable for the past two weeks as the two companies were at an impasse over pricing and negotiating a new deal.

“Danone and Delhaize have always pursued discussions in order to find a constructive solution. We can confirm that an agreement, which meets the expectations of both parties, has been reached,” reads a press release from Danone.

Replenishment of shelves
The dispute comes at a time of food inflation, with several countries feeling the pinch as many food items soar.

“Danone and Delhaize are doing everything in their power to put the products in question back on the shelves as soon as possible.”

The French dairy producer’s products have been missing from the shelves of Delhaize and Lidl since August 25.Globally, consumers bear the brunt of soaring food basket prices as inflation weighs. In some cases, consumers are responding to food inflation by making value choices, such as opting for value-added products, discounting discounted deals, and moving away from luxury brands to cheaper house brands. .

The French dairy producer’s products have been missing from the shelves of Delhaize and Lidl since August 25.

Delhaize stores posted messages indicating that several products were temporarily unavailable due to complex negotiations with the supplier.

Recently, Delhaize and Lidl dairy shelves were empty as the stores had yet to reach an agreement and were temporarily not stocked with Danone-branded dairy products after failing to reach an agreement on price increases. price.

Meanwhile, Lidl is still trying to find an agreement with Danone. Products have also been missing from the German discounter in recent weeks, but the impact is not as great.

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