Celebrate Agriculture Day by eating Indiana Ice Cream!

Perhaps the best way to celebrate National Agriculture Day on Tuesday and National Agriculture Week this week is with a big bowl of ice cream every night. Indiana ranks second in ice cream production in the United States, so thank you to Hoosier dairy farmers!

“We have about 750 dairy farms in the state of Indiana, and those dairy farm families are responsible for that cold glass of milk you have every morning and the ice cream you end your day with every day” , says Brooke Williams, director of communications for the Indiana American Dairy Association.

“I think you better have another glass or another spoon for sure,” Williams added. “There really is no other way to do it, especially this week. There’s all this farm-to-table practice and I think that’s one of the things we’re most proud to talk about. We really want community members to get to know the farmers and the faces behind the delicious produce that people buy from the stores and serve every meal to their friends and family. Dairy products have become such an important part of every meal, having a snack. Even cheese sticks are known as portable protein.

Williams encourages consumers to visit winnersdrinkmilk.com to learn more about the dairy industry in Indiana.

“You’ll find recipes, facts about Indiana dairy, and you’ll also learn about things coming this year like the milk drink at the Indy 500, the Dairy Bar at the Indiana State Fair , and, of course, we have Ice Cream Month coming up in July.

On this National Agriculture Day, we raise a glass to you, Indiana dairy farmers. Of course, it’s a glass of milk!

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