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Homemade ice cream is the center of my life. Since I started my summer job in a small family shop four years ago, homemade ice cream has become my source of peace. It anchors me and calms me in any place and in any situation. When I travel, the first place I come across is the destination’s iconic ice cream shop. Local ice cream shops, with their familiar and familiar air, can be serene. But the shops are also exciting, immersing shoppers in their community’s culture with friendly scoopers, unique local flavors, and strong ties to the neighborhood.

In my first month at the University of Michigan, ice cream from local and family-owned stores in Ann Arbor kept me sane.

On my first night of college, I headed straight for Blank Slate Creamery. Being there reminded me why I chose the University. It was loud and teeming with young people, just like Ann Arbor, but the warm aroma of waffle cones, cookies and brownies surrounded me like a warm embrace. Pretty blackboards covered in handwriting from friendly customers and waiters covered the shop. Flavors like Apple Cinnamon Crisp invited me to my first fall in the Midwest, while Wolverine Tracks reminded me of the irresistible spirit of Ann Arbor. The brown butter cookie dough was so rich and heartwarming that I (almost) saved some for the impending blackout of the first day of class.